Coffee Facts

Coffee Facts

Java Talk: Common Coffee Misconceptions and the Truth Behind Them

Finding the energy and motivation to get out of bed and head to work each morning can be difficult. For most people, getting a hot cup of coffee is essential when trying to greet the day. In fact, over 64 percent of Americans report having one cup of coffee.

Over the years, people have developed a number of misconceptions about coffee. In some cases, these misconceptions keep some consumers from drinking this delicious and nutrient-rich beverage altogether.

Read below to find out more about common coffee misconceptions and the truth behind them.

Coffee is Bad For Your Health

One of the main misconceptions most people have about coffee is that it is bad for their health. In reality, a variety of studies have been performed debunking this claim. Generally, people who drink coffee on a regular basis are able to get their daily intake of Riboflavin. This substance is crucial when trying to increase your body’s natural metabolism.

Coffee has also proved to be a great way to reduce the chances of heart disease. The key to getting the best health benefits from coffee is by drinking it in moderation. This means instead of having six to eight cups a day, try cutting it back to one to two cups.

You Can Lose Lots of Weight Just By Drinking Coffee

Some people are on a never-ending search to find a miracle potion that allows them to lose weight overnight. Many consumers even think that coffee is the only thing they need to trim their waistline. While we wish this were true, it is definitely not.

While a few cups of coffee a day can help to boost your body’s metabolism, this drink will not help you lose weight quickly. Instead of relying on coffee for your weight loss, you need to find a good diet and exercise routine. Losing weight is hard work, but with the right mindset and work ethic, you can reach your goal weight in no time at all.

Drinking Coffee in Throughout the Day Will Keep You Up At Night

Few things in life are as important as a good night’s sleep. Perhaps the most common misconception people have about coffee is that drinking multiple cups of this beverage throughout the day will keep them up at night. While you probably need to avoid drinking a large cup of coffee right before bedtime, drinking a few cups in the morning or early afternoon is perfectly fine.

For the most part, the coffee you drink throughout the course of your day will be flushed out of your system by the time you are ready to sleep. The best way to avoid negative effects from coffee is by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy throughout your day.

Drink High-Quality Coffee

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