• Coffee Facts

    Coffee Facts

    Java Talk: Common Coffee Misconceptions and the Truth Behind Them Finding the energy and motivation to get out of bed and head to work each morning can be difficult. For most people, getting a hot cup of coffee is essential when trying to greet the day. In fact, over 64 percent of Americans report having one cup of coffee. Over the years, people have developed a number of misconceptions about coffee. In some cases, these misconceptions keep some consumers from drinking this delicious and nutrient-rich beverage altogether. Read below to find out more about common coffee misconceptions and the...

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  • Choosing a Coffee Maker

    Choosing a Coffee Maker

    Trying to Buy a Coffee Maker? Consider These Helpful Tips! In a recent study, over 64 percent of American adults claimed to drink coffee at least one time a day. Waking up and getting a hot cup of coffee is a great way to greet the day and get a bit of pep in your step. Most coffee drinkers are particular about the type of coffee they drink and what type of creamer, sugar and other items they put in this drink. Once you have settled on a great brand of coffee to consume, you need to think about...

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  • Italian Espresso From Rough Shift Roasters

    Italian Espresso From Rough Shift Roasters


    Rough Shift Roasters special way of making the finest and best Italian Espresso ever!
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  • 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

    3 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

    Most people have a very specific morning routine. For most, drinking a cup of coffee is an essential part of this routine. In fact, over 63 percent of Americans claim they drink at least one cup of coffee a day. The key to having a great cup of joe each morning is investing in high-quality coffee. Luckily, there are a variety of gourmet coffees on the market. Before you choose one to consume, do your homework. Finding out about the bean roasting process a coffee company uses and checking out their online reviews can help you make the right decision....

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